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Easy SFX  v.1.5.001

Easy SFX creates a unique DOS self extracting file which is also a customised installation routine. The SFX which it creates offers the user a default directory to install to and allows him to change this.

DPA SFX Creator  v.1.8

A high performance AES/Blowfish/RC6 SFX-Crypter. Use with the full keysize: 256 bit/448 and 2048 bit. The sfx-header has a filesize from 41-49 kb

Make SFX  v.2.6

Make SFX is a free program that lets you make self-extracting archives under Win32 platform.

GnuPG SFX Creator  v.1.03

GnuPG SFX Creator 1.03 is designed as a small and easy to use file compression software which will create an original with GNUPGP crypted file.THE SFX_PGP.EXE is the decrypt file with the original GNUPG 1.49. The GNUPG_SFX.EXE required a local

ExtractWizard  v.09/15/2011

ExtractWizard is a user-friendly extract wizard utility that supports more than 55 archive types (Sfx, SfxExe, 7z, Ace, Arc, ArcExe, Arj, ArjExe, Bh, BhExe, Bz, Bz2, Bzip2, Cab, Cpio, Deb, Dmg, Enc, Gz, Gzip, Ha, Hfs, Iso, Jar, Lha, LhaExe, Lzh,

PeaZip (64 bit)  v.3.7

Free file and archive manager, encrypt and split files, open 7Z, 7-Zip sfx, ACE, BZ2, CAB, DEB, ISO, JAR, GZ, LHA, PAQ, PEA, RAR, RPM, TAR, ZIP and many more archive types (129 formats). Portable and open source, PeaZip runs on Windows and Linux.

Simplyzip  v.1.1b63

Simpylzip ist ein Multi packer Programm. Kann mit: 7z,ZIP,CZIP,ACE,CAB,RAR,TAR,GZIP,LZH,BZ2,SQX, RS,UUE,XXE,BASE64,UCL,ARJ,ZLIB,RPM,DEB,7-ZIP Create: ZIP,CZIP,Cab,LHA,TAR,TAR GZ TAR BZ2,ACE (DLL), Deepfreezer SQX,UCL,RS,ZIP-SFX/LHA-SFX und RAR

Badaboom  v.2.00

Get ready for some explosive fun! See how many pieces you can clear before the time runs out! Awesome SFX, colorful explosions, new trix, and a rotating game board that cause the game pieces to tumble around make this game a real

GSfx Wizard  v.1.1.1

GSfx Wizard lets you create your own custom SelF-eXtracting archives (also known as SFX) featuring a Wizard-like interface, a strong file compression and a lot of options to easily distribute your document, media, program files, and any other files

PeaZip For Windows  v.2.2

PeaZip is an open source file and archive manager for 32 and 64 bit Windows (9x, 2000, XP, Vista) and Linux. For both platforms it is available as installable or portable package, not needing installation. Full support: 7Z, 7Z-sfx, ARC/WRC,

The Sitter Downers Soundboard  v.1.40

The SoundBoard loads up to eighteen .wav files, and allows you to play them at the click of a button. Each sound clips can be renamed have its volume set, and a position chosen. This configuration can be saved, and loaded so that your SFX are always

ZNsoft Player  v.2

ZNsoft Player 2 is a feature-rich and trustworthy program which helps you play different multimedia files.ZNsoft Player is Player by excellence it allows the reader of all the current multimedia types: mp3, wav, divx, vob, sfx, ogg, and wma. With a

DPCRYPT  v.1.05

With this program you can crypt you file secure with: Blowfish, Cast256, 3DES, Mars, Twofish, RC6, Rijndael and Serpent. DPCRYPT use the full crypt keysize from the cipher. BLOWFISH SFX Creation with pw-check (high secure) Language: Bulgarian, Czech,

SFXWizard  v.09/15/2011

SFXWizard is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for handling your compressed files. It enables you to create professional compressed files in various formats just with a few clicks. It supports self-extracting exe format, generally used file formats

Kairatune  v.1.1

Kairatune is designed to produce crisp and tight electric sounds for electronic music production. Kairatune is engineered for the demanding producer who needs to push the sound to extremes without compromising audio quality. Kairatune comes with a

Wolfenstein 3D for GP32  v.1.0

This is a Port of Wolfenstein 3D to the Gamepark32 (GP32: a Korean Handheld) written in C using the gp32sdk. The main goals are: -Adlib music and Sound Blaster sound working -one binary for all versions Now also GP2X! with full music, sfx &

Royz Vim/GVim Portable (Yet Another)  v.1.0

This is a simple, portable, small, self-contained and SFX'd Vim/GVim. Geared at impatient, intermediate win32 Vim users. Press F5 and see SpecialMenu. Let me know whats terrible about it.

SoundFX  v.1.0

SoundFX is an editor for digitized audiodata. SFX is designed in a modular fashion and has a comfortable graphical user interface. With SFX you can apply effects to samples, play back and record samples, and finaly can cut, trim and edit your samples.

Atenza's Thunderbird Community Edition  v.1.0

Atenza's (also named Neo-B5F) Thunderbird builds from previous B5F (Big-5 Fixed) Community Edition. It gives most common tune up so that can be work on computer can run thunderbird. Both SFX file and installer are available.

Zipfusion  v.1.0.421

A versatile zip self-extractor suitable for distributing files or programs. It can be used with any zip tools that create type 8 (deflate) and type 0 (stored) zip files. End-user dialogs can be easily translated into other languages.

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